What are the best ways to find Websites for Guest Posting?

Guest blogging has become very popular in just a few years, offering many benefits, including building authority, building backlinks, building brand presence and reputation, improving search engine rankings, and many more.

Although guest blogging is a great idea, you might still not make the most out of this fantastic technique. One of the reasons behind this is that people sometimes find it challenging to get high-quality websites for guest blogging.

Now, you may invest a lot of time in finding the right website for taking the leverage of guest blogging opportunities but end up finding not even one. Now, you may end up finding sites which you think will be suitable for guest posting opportunity, but then you may not find any data to prove the same.

The chances are that you may find choosing a relevant guest post site more like guesswork, but with the right strategy, you can easily find consistent and high-quality websites.

If you have been struggling through the way of finding relevant and fruitful sites, then need not worry!! This article will throw a light on some of the best ways to help you find amazing websites for guest posting.

So, without any further discussion, let’s have a look at the solution to the problem.

1. Search Quality Websites Using Google Search Operator

Also known as advanced operators, Google search operators are special commands and characters that extend the regular text search capabilities. These can be used for anything, including technical SEO audits and content research.

A few examples of Google search operators include “ “, OR, $, ( ), etc. To use Google search operators, you may enter search operators directly in the Google search box, just like you do a text search.

2. Understand the Qualities of Best Guest Blogging Sites

Many websites offer the opportunity of guest posting. Well, one crucial thing that you have to understand here is that guest post opportunities differ in value, and there are a few factors that help in determining whether or not a site is suitable for posting a blog.

You will find these things in the guest blogging sites that help in bringing a considerable return on investment:

  • Engaged audience
  • The target audience you are trying to reach
  • The online authority of the site
  • Content with topics in your niche

Once you are clear with these factors, you may quickly find sites that will serve your purpose well.

3. Begin Your Search by Focusing on Ideal Website

There is always one website that you can use as an ideal guest post website, and it may be the one which:

  • Your target audience regularly visits,
  • Is your competition, and,
  • Has already given you a considerable ROI (provided you have previously published a blog on it)

If you already have a website with a broad and relevant audience, then the ideal site might be your own too.

4. Explore the Sites having the Same Audience

Once you have got an idea of your ideal website, invest time in looking for the one that shares the same audience as yours. You may search manually, and land upon the guest post site and blogs that are consistent with your ideal website, or you may use different tools like AhrefsSemrushMozGuestPostEngine, etc. that help you in finding related sites.

If you make use of a tool to find the related sites, then you can easily find the sites with the same audiences. The list of sites you have curated will help you in real-time to find guest blogging sites with the audience you want to reach.

5. Keep Your Focus on Identifying the Target Sites

To ensure that your list includes only the best sites, invest some time in digging the list deeper. So, do not end up posting your posts on spam sites.

To make sure that you post your content only on the best sites, consider these tips.

  • Eliminate the sites that are not similar to your niche
  • Eliminate ad-heavy or spammy sites
  • Check if the articles on the sites are being shared on social platforms
  • Check the Moz DA (Domain Authority ) of the website and get rid of every website with a DA less than that of yours
  • If your sole aim is getting backlinks, then eliminate sites with no-follow links in their articles

6. Ensure You Stay Away from Private Blog Networks

While you are searching for quality websites for guest posting purposes, make sure you stay away from the private blog networks.

A PBN is a network of websites that helps any website in building links and authority solely for the purpose of manipulating its search engine rankings. Now, you may fall for such websites but these will bring no good to you.

Here’s how you can identify PBN sites:

  • These sites usually do not have an authority email
  • These do not have the location address of the company
  • These do not have active social media handles

7. Send a Pitch/Query Based on Site’s Requirement

Every site is different, and you have to ensure that you pitch every site differently, depending upon what the site wants.

You may find some guest post site with an open invitation and here’s what you need to take care of while sending a request to submit guest posts:

  • Stick to the site’s requirements and comply with each one
  • Come up with an original and killer piece of content
  • Keep the title on priority and come up with the best you can (In short, keep it unique and attractive)
  • Don’t forget to add images, GIFs, videos, or stats wherever required
  • Get your content edited and proof-read by an expert.

Now, with many sites having an open invitation, you may also find some that don’t have an open invitation. So, for the sites with closed invitations, you need to:

  • Find their “contact us” information (either email or contact number)
  • Send a request to them that you are looking forward to contributing
  • And, if you don’t hear back from them, try and contact again because persistence and patience eventually pay off.

Summing it Up

So, now that you already know about the best ways to find websites that work well for you, allow me to focus on something important, which I have already talked about with you earlier. Always remember, your goal here is not to only earn backlinks.

Well, backlinks are cool, but there are chances that you might end up linking with spammy sites, and it’s not going to help you in the long-run. So, I suggest you create backlinks only when they are relevant to the content you write.

Know what? One thing about guest blogging is that it helps you gain an online presence in your best interest. And if done right, it can help you skyrocket your business. I have seen people achieving heights by using this fantastic approach to guest blogging. They not only get traffic to their website but also successfully build up an image of being a thoughtful expert in their field.

So, make the best use of it and reach heights by taking leverage of this secret weapon.

Also, we like to hear from you, and if you have got any suggestions for our determined community of readers or if you have any doubts, feel free to share or ask in the comment section below.