Why Guest Blogging is one of the best Link Building Methods out of all

The world has gone digital, and businesses of all sizes are going online to boost their growth and revenue. Talking of numbers, there are around 1.6 to 1.9 billion websites available on the web, and each one of them is using different tips and techniques to rank higher on Google/Yahoo/Bing search engine.

Out of all the techniques available to help a website rank better, link building is an important one.

Many of you might already know all about the link building technique, but to make sure that we are all on the same page, let’s have a look at what it is.

Link building is a strategy that helps web pages to acquire a hyperlink from the other websites available on the web and applying them to one’s own site. It helps the user to navigate between different pages accessible on the internet.

When it comes to link building in SEO, there are many techniques, including skyscraper technique, broken link building, etc. and all of them vary in terms of difficulties.

Out of all the link building techniques available, guest blogging is considered one of the best.

So, in this article, I will take you on the rundown to why guest blogging is one of the best link building techniques.

It does not matter if you want to market a brand or a website online, or if you wish to market yourself as a brand, guest blogging is one of the best strategies that will serve all your purposes.

Guest blogging not only helps you portray yourself as a thought leader in the concerned industry but also allows you to deliver your message directly to your target audience. Now, let’s have a look at how you can effectively use guest blogging for scalable link building.

Here is a step by step guest blogging guide that will help you build backlinks.

Before you start with a guest blogging campaign, you must know these three things:

1. Guest Blogging Aim

Many people Start using the guest blogging approach for the sole purpose of doing link building in SEO. Now, you have to know one thing that a successful guest blogging is never backlink oriented. It must be done to earn readership and build authority.

If you start guest blogging only to build links, there are chances that you might end up compromising the quality of your content and targeting low-quality sites.

So, before you start with the idea of guest blogging, make it clear to yourself that you aim to build the authority of your site, and earn readership.

2. Have a Viable Brand

The design, authority, content, and focus of your site play a huge role in getting your guest post accepted. Editors consider the quality of the website before accepting a guest post. They consider the design of your website and its authority, and if they find that your site has low-quality content along with spammy links, they usually do not prefer accepting your guest post, no matter how great the guest post is.

So, before you start with guest posting, make sure you have a brand that speaks for itself. Take care of the following things:

  • Modern design and logo
  • Trust signals such as testimonials
  • High quality and relevant content
  • Social media handle signals
  • Relevant about us, legal pages, etc.

This will portray you as a real business and not a spammer.

A pro-tip: Always adopt white hat SEO link building techniques.

3. Guest Post Portfolio

If you want to get your content published on some of the top publications, you will need to have your content published on at least one respected site. This will make it easy for you to get your content published on high authority publications.

Never published a blog before?

Well, don’t worry!! There is always the first time. Come up with the best post you can write and get it published on a relevant site in your niche. It is not essential that you only have to get your post published on a high-authority website but the one which people would recognize.

You may also consider writing a stellar post and publishing it on your own blog. You may use it as a sample of your writing style.

Now that you know all about what to keep in mind before starting a guest blogging campaign let’s jump onto the tricks to build links successfully through guest blogging.

In the current era, link building in SEO is not just about finding high authority sites and pitching your idea to all of them.

You need to follow a few guidelines thoroughly, to get success in the field.

1. Be Selective while Pitching

When it comes to pitching an idea for guest posting, people end up pitching to a lot of sites. Well, an important thing to understand here is that it is good to pitch your idea to one site that is right for you than a hundred websites that are wrong for you.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Always choose a site of your niche
  • Have a look at the site’s performance
  • Ensure that you get a featured bio on your content

2. Always Craft Compelling Pitch

Do you want to win a guest post on a high authority and quality site? Well, it depends on how you pitch your idea to them.

The way you pitch your idea creates a great impression on the concerned person to whom you are pitching your idea.

So, if you want to make sure that you get your post published on a great site, here are a few tips you may consider while pitching your idea.

  • Research the Site- Go through the website on which you want your post to get published. Take note of what kinds of blogs they release and if anything is missing, which you can address through your post.
  • Pitch Your Idea in Person- It is always better to pitch your idea in person because it creates a connection and may result in lasting ties.
  • Consider Guidelines- Never ignore the guidelines posted on a site before pitching your idea.
  • Tell a Bit About Yourself- Telling about yourself is an excellent idea since it builds credibility, and the editors get to know who they will be working with.

3. Write an Amazing Guest Blog

Creating a compelling pitch is a tough job, but do you know what is even more robust? Well, it’s writing an incredibly fantastic blog. Since a guest blog is the main focus behind the whole idea, make sure you get readers flocking to your website just through that one blog post.

Here are a few things which you may consider while coming up with a fantastic blog post:

  • Know who your audience is and what they want to read
  • Come up with well-informed content along with facts
  • Dig in more in-depth and cover as much as you can (but only relevant content)
  • Make sure that your content is easy to read and understand
  • Come up with a properly formatted content
  • Ensure consistency in your content

4. Offer Outcome to the Readers

When you publish a guest post, you are given a space where you can insert a link to your website in the biography section. People usually add a link to their homepage here consider it a useful technique for link building in SEO. Well, you don’t have to do that.

Consider what you wish to achieve through the link you insert. Do you wish for your readers to sign up for a newsletter, or if you want them to go through your online store?

Understand the purpose and then insert the link naturally, in relevance to the content.

So, that’s how you can take the leverage of guest blogging and build relevant and valuable links.

Guest Blogging: The Best Way to Build Quality Links

Once you get your content published on a quality site, the results already become predictable.

The readers come following your site, and you start increasing the traffic to your website significantly, which eventually helps you in gaining quality backlinks.

So, try and make the most out of guest blogging to build relevant links and make your business grow.